Subarna Tripathi

Computer Vision Researcher

About Subarna

I am a research scientist at Intel Labs, working in computer vision and machine learning. I lead a team of talented researchers working on long-term video understanding & generation, multimodal and structured representation learning. I am currently serving as one of Intel's Center Lead Liaison (CLL) for a JUMP2.0 center, CoCoSys and Artificial Intelligence Hardware (AIHW) Technical Advisory Board Member. I received my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of California San Diego. I am immensely thankful to have Professor Truong Nguyen and Professor Serge Belongie as my PhD advisors. I am an alumna of Video processing group at UC San Diego and SE(3) computer vision group at Cornell Tech. I have been an area chair of WiML since 2017 and a reviewer of CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, NeurIPS, WACV, AAAI, ICLR, IEEE journals. Before joining Intel, I worked in STMicroelectronics in its Advanced System Technology (AST) group for 6.5 years on computer vision and video processing domains. Prior to that I worked in Interra Systems on video analyzer.

I received my MS Research from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) from Kalyani Govt. Engineering College. I am from Kalyani, a beautiful town in West Bengal, India.

When I get a chance or time, I listen to music and sing.


  • 03/2023 2 papers accepted at CVPR 2023
  • 10/2022 1 paper accepted at WACV 2023
  • 09/2022 1 paper accepted at NeurIPS 2022
  • 07/2022 1 paper accepted at ECCV 2022
  • 03/2022 2 papers accepted at CVPR 2022
  • 07/2021 2 papers accepted at ICCV 2021
  • 07/2021 Hosting a breakout session "Connecting Novel Perspectives of GNNs: A Cross-domain Overview" at WiML@ICML 2021
  • 06/2021 Honored to be a mentor at WiCV@CVPR 2021
  • 06/2020 Co-organized CVPR 2020 workshop "Diagram Image Retrieval and Analysis (DIRA): Representation, Learning, and Similarity Metrics"
  • 11/2018 Project PartNet online. CVPR 2019
  • 05/2018 Joined Intel AI
  • 03/2017 Best Paper Award at WACV 2017